Paragliding around Columbia

Let's join Conner Ruhl in the skies

Conner Ruhl

Conner learned about paragliding from watching YouTube videos of other people flying. He realized it was more affordable than he thought, and has been hooked ever since.

Before heading out on each flight, Conner must run through many different safety steps.

He always lets someone know where he is.

The cables attached to the harness and motor are his lines, which connect to the wings.

He lays out the wings and lines to make sure there are no tangles or damage.

Now it's time to gear up. Conner grabs a helmet, a pair of shoes that protect his ankles, and a full body suit.

The boots are important so that he doesn't hurt himself when landing. The suit helps keep him warm, even in the summer! Temperatures are much colder once in the air.

Final checks before he heads off.

Once up in the air, Conner stays up for two to three hours.

"When you're flying, you are truly alone"

"It's literally a new perspective"

More people are starting to join in on the paragliding community.

Time to land!

Be sure to look for Conner and other gliders around Columbia.

All you need to do is look up!

Story by Emily Dunn

Music: An Ambient Day by David Fesliyan